What is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening is a simple and easy way to grow plants without the use of soil. Plants are grown in water based solutions that contain mineral and salts. These plants can either be planted in the mineral solution alone or planted in an inert growing medium.

Lately, hydroponic gardening has turned into a very popular pastime hobby besides being a profitable business. When the techniques of hydroponic gardening are mastered correctly and a proper hydroponic system is used, it can be a very productive way to grow almost any plants. When hydroponic gardening is commercialized on a large scale, it can become a very lucrative business.

Plants grown in soil will require the roots to exert much of the energy to look for nutrients and mineral in soil that needed to survive and to grow and produce flowers and fruits. This causes greater root growth as opposed to top growth.

While in hydroponic gardening, plants are grown directly in nutrient solution. Nutrient and minerals are constantly supplied to plants, therefore they can focus on the top growth. Besides that, the supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide is also boosted to speed up the uptake of nutrients. When hydroponic gardening methods are done correctly, we can basically do away with problems that usually associated with soil such as viruses, diseases and pest problem.

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