Tips for Rooftop Hydroponic Gardening

Do you live in the city and wish you could grow your own produce? You really do not have the space, because of all the buildings and skyscrapers and the community garden waiting list is ten miles long. Why not try having your own garden on the roof of the building you live in? Rooftop hydroponic gardening is becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Rooftop Hydroponic Garden

To start rooftop hydroponic gardening, one of the first things you need to do is to get containers to grow your plants in. Tubes or plastic bins work great. Simply cut holes in them to place your potted plants in. Remove the dirt and rinse the roots to get rid of all the soil. Put your plants in some sort of growing medium; Rockwool, vermiculite or sawdust works the best. This helps to anchor the roots and aid in moisture retention. Add a nutrient solution, which can run right through the beds to feed your plants. Add water as necessary because it is only nature for some of it to evaporate. Make sure that air can get to the roots of your plants to prevent root rot.

Your plants should be checked regularly for about twelve to eighteen weeks to make sure that your garden does not have pest problems. Pests are very annoying, but you can get rid of them without pesticides. Introducing certain insects or bugs to your little garden will help keep pests at bay because these insects do not harm your plants; instead they feed off the nasty little bugs that do harm your plants. This is called biological pest control, and is commonly used in hydroponic gardening.

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You will certainly be very pleased with the results of your rooftop hydroponic garden. These hydroponic plants tend to grow faster and are more productive than those that are grown in regular greenhouses and by conventional means of soil gardening. So give up on that waiting list at the community garden. Take matters into your own hands and start a rooftop hydroponic garden. Not only are you utilizing “wasted” space, but also you are able to grow your very own produce. Plants that are best suited for rooftop hydroponic gardening are herbs, cucumbers, tomatoes, and other vegetables that many city dwellers love, but do not normally have the time and space to grow.

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