The Best Fruit And Vegetables To Grow Hydroponically

Growing hydroponic fruits and vegetables is incredibly beneficial. You’ll have a life time supply of as many wonderful fruits and veggies as you can handle. But just what are the best things to grow hydroponically? Well here is my short list. It’s not exhaustive, it’s non-scientific, it’s only my opinion and so you’re free to disagree if you like, in which case you can leave a comment at the bottom.

If you’ve read my articles on hydroponic vegetables then you’ll know I make a lot of money on the side by growing all kinds of things. So this list is based on 2 pieces of criteria; ease of growing and the potential to make money selling them. This is because these 2 bits of criteria is all I’m really interested in in order to make a profit.

1. Basil

If you grow hydroponic basil then the world is your oyster. Hydroponic basil shoots up incredibly quickly and looks so healthy. It also tends to be very large compared to all other basil. This gives you a unique edge when selling to clients. You’ll be able to sell to a wider range of potential clients over and above say tomatoes too. This is because basil is used for other reasons than eating.

You should look for clients in high end restaurants who require only the best basil for their dishes. Also farmers markets are a great place to sell to. Other than that though, basil is used in the beauty industry with it being used to make all kinds of expensive products such as creams and perfumes.

Of course growing your own hydroponic basil has the advantages of making your grow room smell incredible and you’ll have your very own permanent supply.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes is where most people begin with hydroponics. They are very easy to grow and allow for a greater margin of error. You can get the grow temperatures; temperature, humidity and pH level quite wrong and they’ll still flourish.

There are many types of tomatoes you can grow. They are all similarly easy. I suggest you try the most expensive tomatoes such as cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes and campari tomatoes. The grow rate for hydroponic tomatoes is also very high, they grow extremely fast, you’ll be picking them off the plants consistently.

3. Herbs

Following on from basil, i’ll also mention growing other hydroponic herbs. You can grow herbs quickly and they will sell for quite a bit. However the price tends to remain the same year round with no peaks.

The easiest and most suited herbs to grow hydroponically are mint and basil however you should try more adventurous herbs if you’re up for the challenge.

The problem with growing hydroponic herbs is that the nutrient solution can taint the flavor of the herb. You can get round this by ensuring you flush out your system regularly with nutrient solution.

4. Strawberries

And of those who don’t most like cherries, this brings us nicely to strawberries. Growing hydroponic strawberries can be tricky in that you’ll constantly be picking them and eating them.

We all know how expensive strawberries are which is of course a wonderful business opportunity for you. In addition, strawberries don’t really offer any real growing problems hydroponically. In fact quite the opposite since soil grown strawberries are especially susceptible to disease due to the many soil borne diseases and insects that are attracted to them. This risk is completely eliminated with hydroponics enabling them to thrive and grow larger, juicier and with a richer color than any other type of strawberry.

5. Lettuce

Growing hydroponic lettuce is probably the easiest way to get started with hydroponics. Lettuce is very low maintenance, requiring little or no work.

The growth period is on average four weeks with hydroponics, this is a full two weeks less than with the average soil borne lettuce.

Other problems with growing lettuce in the soil is the taste! I’m sure you’ve noticed how difficult it is to wash the taste of soil from your fresh lettuce leaves after digging them up. In addition, soil raised lettuce is highly attractive to all kinds of pests, worst of all slugs. These horrible creatures will not get close to your hydroponic lettuce.

Have you noticed just how expensive organic lettuce is to buy? You can and should be making this kind of money yourself. I strongly urge you to give it a go.

Of course you can grow hydroponic fruit so much easier if you give them all their ideal growing conditions, but that is what this blog is about so please take a good look around for all the advice you need.

In addition, if you have any comments about what you think is easy to grow hydroponically then please leave a comment below!

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