Superthrive Plant Vitamin Hormone Supplement Review

I was wanting to start testing some growth supplements to use on my hydroponically grown tomatoes. I came upon the Superthrive Plant Vitamin Hormone Supplement after reading it was like anabolic steroids for plants!

So I began two fresh trays of tomato seeds (globe tomatoes), using the same grow light and very similar hydroponic systems and set ups. The two trays i used were the Hydrofarm EMSYST! Tray 1 contains 1 capful of Superthrive Plant Vitamin Hormone Supplement (topped up every 2 to 3 days) and tray 2 simply water! All other things were kept constant so this is as near a scientific test as possible.

I have never carried out a live experiment before with my gardening so the process was very exciting to me. I’m not a scientist, merely a keen gardener so my results are purely anecdotal to me.

I already knew, and have demonstrated myself that hydroponic tomatoes grow much quicker than their soil borne brothers. They also grow larger, have better color and even taste nicer. Though that is just my opinion.

I usually pick my hydroponic tomatoes at the four week period lest they drop off themselves prior to that.

I set it up so that i had one tomato plant in each of the six mini trays within each larger tray. So tray 1 had six plants and tray 2 had six plants.

At the four week period i picked one tomato from each plant so i had two piles of six tomatoes, which were kept separate. The tomatoes were chosen from random! I then weighed the tomatoes.

The total weight of tray 1 (Superthive) was 34.8 ounces, which gives an average weight of 5.8 ounces per tomato. The total weight of tray 2 (none Superthrive) was 29.6 ounces, which gives an average weight of 4.93 ounces per tomatoe.

Now I’m no statistician so i can’t say whether the difference was significant, as the sums are just too complex for me. But the Superthrive tray was the clear winner.

Not only that, but the color was richer with the Superthrive tray and looked healthier.


I will be using Superthrive Plant Vitamin Hormone Supplement on all of my hydroponic tomatoes from now on! I’m only an amateur gardener but i do make money on the side by selling all kinds of hydroponic vegetables and fruit. Using Superthrive will speed up the whole process and will potentially earn me more money.

What Others Are Saying

I looked around for some other comments from other users, and here is what i found on Amazon, who’s users have given Superthrive an average rating of 4.5/5!

– Superthrive is the one garden essential that keeps my plants alive and well here in the HOT southwest summers!

– Not only is the product wonderful and great, so is the shipper!

– I have been using Super Thrive for over 30 years and it supports everything in my garden from herbs and vegetables to roses and orchids!

– This is the third gallon I’ve bought so far this year!

– We’ve been using Superthrive for almost 20 years, it was very hard to find, until we saw it on amazon. It was fast and easy and very cheap!

Any Complaints?

One reviewer was very critical, saying the label promised miracles and did not deliver on the “miracle”. He was not a hydroponic gardener however (nor do you need to be to use Superthrive). You can’t please everyone, however the majority of people on Amazon, including myself have been thrilled with the results.

Where Can You Purchase Superthrive Plant Vitamin Hormone Supplement?

You can buy it from the manufacturer website for $169 per gallon and shipping. However you shouldn’t need to pay anywhere near this for it. The cheapest place I’ve found Superthrive Plant Vitamin Hormone Supplement available from has been Amazon!

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