Standard Broiler Feed Chart

A broiler feed chart is important to any serious commercial broiler farmer. With a broiler feed consumption chart, you will be able to know the ideal quantity of feed to give to the broilers daily or weekly to avoid underfeeding and overfeeding. Another advantage is that it allows a broiler farmer to plan ahead on broiler feed procurement or create a broiler feed plan. 

With this following broiler feed and weight chart, you will be able to know: 

  • How many kilograms of feed will a broiler chicken eat before it reaches market weight?
  • How many kilograms of feed will a broiler chicken eat from a day old until it reaches maturity?
  • What is the total quantity of feed consumed by a broiler per week?
  • What is the growth rate of broilers?
  • What is the average weight of a broiler chicken?
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Age (Week)Feed Consumed Per Bird (kg)Cumulative Feed Consumed (kg)Average Body Weight Per Bird (kg)Average Body Weight Gain Per Bird (kg)
Week 10.1340.1340.1490.106
Week 20.2830.4170.3590.21
Week 30.4670.8840.6530.294
Week 40.6741.5581.0260.373
Week 50.8502.4081.470.434
Week 61.0713.4791.9160.456
Week 71.1824.6612.3630.447
Week 81.3005.961
Week 91.427.3813.1980.405

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