Save Money with Hydroponic Gardening

There are many advantages to hydroponic gardening. One of them is the fact that you can save money with hydroponic gardening. By growing your own food, you save money because the cost of buying produce at the store is outrageous. Using a hydroponic gardening system saves money because there is less chance of losing plants to bad weather, pests, and soil impurities. Most people who have a conventional garden lose money each year because they lose many plants to these problems. In more recent years, farmers have had to replant their crops because the first set they put out has died. In my own garden, we lost at least $100 worth of plants because of poor weather alone. We had to re-invest that money again to replace the plants that we lost. If we had done a hydroponic garden, then there would have been no need to replace lost plants.

In a hydroponic garden, all of these elements are under control: light, heat, humidity, air, moisture, mineral and nutrients. Hydroponic plants are being nurtured in the most optimal environment. Hydroponic plants usually result in bigger yield than plants grown by conventional means. Besides that you can also grow your favorite vegetables and fruits all year round, without the constraint of weather and season. This saves money because you do not have to pay high prices for certain foods that may be out of season.

Hydroponic gardening is also better because it is fairly inexpensive compared to more conventional means of gardening. When having a garden outdoors, you must figure in the cost of a rot tiller to break up the soil, the cost of your seeds and plants, the cost of garden tools, and the cost of such things as pesticides and miracle gro or other supplements to add to your soil. There are no such costs involved in a hydroponic garden. The most expensive part is the lighting and even that can be cut down. Using LED lights saves money on the electric bill and they are very efficient because they resemble sunlight so closely.

You also save money using a hydroponic system because the water is recycled, rather than having to hose down your plants several times each day wasting several gallons of water. With hydroponic gardening a person saves money because they will have to plant fewer and fewer plants each year. The plants grown in hydroponic systems have a greater yield and are generally healthier as each year passes. This means fewer trips to the grocery and less gas spent to get there.

So choosing to have a hydroponic garden makes a lot more sense economically speaking. It not only saves time and space but also money.

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