Profitable Livestock Farming

The Most Profitable Livestock Farming Business

One of the questions asked by people who want to start livestock farming is: what is the most profitable livestock farming business? Well, I’m going to the profitable livestock farming business that you can invest your money on. And that is poultry farming business.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is the most profitable livestock farming enterprise in the world. This is because the demand for poultry products across the globe is very high and unfortunately, the number of poultry farmers in the world is not enough as the current production is yet to meet the demand of consumers across the globe. So anyone going into poultry business can make great profits provided proper production and marketing plans have been done. In this business, you will raise poultry birds such as broiler, pullet, noiler, kuroiler, quail, turkey, goose and guinea fowl for eggs, meat or both.

Poultry business, while it is profitable, has a high risk. That is to say, the chances of running at losses are higher, unlike other farming business. So if you don’t know anything about poultry keeping or you are the type that cannot take business risks, this is not the kind of business you should do.

Poultry business is both capital and labor-intensive. Therefore, you need adequate money, human labor and time for optimal production and profit. Don’t forget to start small and gradually expand as the profit rolls in. The return of investment (ROI) of a poultry business is high. So if you start a poultry business with proper planning and management, you should be getting your investment returns within a short period.

6 Things to do before Starting Profitable Poultry Business

As earlier mentioned, establishing, starting and running a poultry business successfully require proper planning. Before going into this business, ensure to do the following:

  1. You should conduct a feasibility study and if your study reveals the business is feasible, go ahead with a business plan. Research the poultry market in your area and know important information about the market, such as the current level of demand, competitors, consumer or buyer preferences, etc. Draw a marketing plan and ensure the plan is feasible. You could use the services of a professional or consultant to save time for other important things.
  2. Look for a reliable funding source(s) and ensure you can raise the capital and additional money for running the business.
  3. Look for the most suitable right type of land in the most suitable area. Avoid lands in residential areas as well as noisy areas. You should also avoid areas that are densely occupied by poultry farms. You can read more about farmland selection here.
  4. Go ahead to research the right poultry pen design that suits your region based on climate. If you’re in a hot region, a design that allows for good ventilation (free flow of air). If you’re in a very cold region, your choice of design should be one that conserves heat or temperature. Please note that chickens and other poultry birds don’t do well when the ambient temperature is high or low. Ensure you adhere to government building laws and regulations.
  5. Plan a safe and environment-friendly poultry waste disposal system. A sewage system integrated with a biogas system is recommended. Ensure you adhere to government building laws and regulations.
  6. Locate reliable chick vendor for your day-olds supply. You should also find out about suppliers of poultry drugs, feed and production equipment such as feeders, drinkers, heater, cages, brooder guards, etc.

While the position of poultry farming as the most profitable livestock business cannot be disputed, there are other profitable livestock farming businesses. They include:

  • Cattle farming
  • Goat farming
  • Sheep farming
  • Swine farming
  • Rabbit farming

I will be writing on these in subsequent articles.

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  1. Would like to start with cattle farming. I do have a farm but need someone to advise me on how to start ,where do I buy,marketing and would love to have an abattoir as well

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