How to Make Chilli Powder

To keep chilli for a long time, some people make it into a powder. Quality has to be guaranteed at every step to have a nicely packaged product that does not change, that is of the same quality, the same taste, and the same colour.

If the stalks are still attached to the fruits, they will leave small black particles in the powder after the chillies are crushed. Chilli that is not properly dried will develop moulds.

How to process chillies into powder

1. Remove any remaining stalks from the fruits. Wash the chillies and remove the rotten or
damaged ones.

2. Dry the chillies in the sun, spread the fruit on a clean mat or woven bag. Turn the chillies over every hour to ensure uniform drying. Dry them for 5 to 10 days.

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3. If you dry chilli in a gas dryer over night. The clean chilli is spread out on trays with mesh so the hot air can reach the chillies and remove all the moisture from them. Check often to see if the chillies are dry and change the position of the trays in the dryer to ensure uniform drying.

4. Well dried chillies make a crackling sound when you squeeze them in your hand.

5. Grind the dry chillies repeatedly in a mill until you obtain a fine powder. Be careful, because the chilli dust can burn your bare skin and your eyes.

6. If you use recycled bottles, first wash them thoroughly with water, detergent and bleach, and rinse them well. Keep them clean and dry.

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7. Fill small bottles and seal them with clear cellophane tape so that moisture cannot enter the bottles and spoil the powder.

8. If you want to sell to people outside your country, add a printed label that shows the
brand name and date of expiration beyond which the chilli powder should no longer be

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