Hydroponic Water Culture System

The hydroponic water culture system is the most simple and cheapest of all the ‘active’ hydroponic systems. By an ‘active’ system we mean that it has moving parts. However the hydroponic water culture system has just the one moving part, a water pump. It’s a very simple system which is usually used on a small scale, however there’s nothing stopping you from scaling upwards, however there are few commercially available large systems.

How Does The Hydroponic Water Culture System Work?

The term water culture says it all about this system. It is the water that acts as the growing medium. Your plants are held within net pots which you can fill with expanded clay pellets. There is an access lid which covers the reservoir of your hydroponic water culture system and you use this gap to neatly place your net pots.

You need to get some cuttings or small seedlings to place in your pots and the roots literally dangle into the nutrient solution.

Your pump is used to keep the nutrient solution aerated so that the roots don’t drown. As you can see, the roots get the best of both worlds, oxygenated air 100% of the time as well as a constant supply of nutrients. The roots will have no problem taking in the correct amount of nutrient solution which will enable them to thrive. You need to keep your nutrient solution topped up to a level where the roots are permanently submerged so you’ll need to keep a regular check on this. It’s also recommended, as with all hydroponic systems that you change your nutrient solution every 14 days.

Hydroponic water culture systems also come with a hole in the centre so that you can very easily check your plants roots, water pump and nutrient solution without disturbing the plants.

The hydroponic water culture system really is very simple! You leave the pump on 24 hours a day and so you do not require a timer. This system really is very low maintenance which makes it perfect for novice hydroponic gardeners. However the more advanced gardener will benefit from up-scaling this system, perhaps even building his own DIY hydroponics water culture system.

Once you’re up and running with this system, you will be growing plants on a non stop basis. However it should be remember that this system is best suited to smaller plants. Pepper plants and other herbs will do particularly well.

Recommended Hydroponic Water Culture Systems

As you can see, there are a wide variety of hydroponic water culture systems available! The most popular and certainly the easiest to use are the single bucket systems. As you can see the design is really simple that there is nothing stopping you from creating your own system out of your own household items if you’re that way inclined.

You can also get the multi bucket system where the different buckets pass solution to each other via connecting pipes. The advantage of the hydroponic water culture system is that you will still only require the one pump for all the buckets which will cut down on cost.

Tell us your experiences with hydroponic water culture systems below, or ask any questions!

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