10 Advantages of Hydroponic Vegetables

Growing hydroponic vegetables carries the following advantages over traditional soil based gardening.

1. The big problem of knowing exactly how much to water your vegetables is eliminated! Your Hydroponic Vegetables will never have too much water which will cause the roots to rot or have too little causing them to die of thirst! This is the main problem with traditional gardening!

2. Your plants will grow much faster as the roots do not need to spread out and look for nutrients in the soil. Instead it is applied directly to the roots! Research has suggested that growing lengths have been cut by as much as 50%!

3. No soil is required! This is ideal if you live in the city and have no garden or you live somewhere where the soil is of terrible quality. You don’t have to pay to have soil brought in! If you live in the desert or Antarctica…problem solved!

4. Due to no soil being needed there are no soil borne diseases being passed on to the plants! Your hydroponic vegetables will be far healthier as a consequence!

5. As you’re not using soil, the use of pesticides is greatly reduced if not eliminated!

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6. The cost of growing hydroponic vegetables is estimated to be 20% less than traditional growing methods! Once it’s set up, the cost is miniscule!

7. Hydroponic Vegetables take up less space as the root size is reduced. This is because the roots don’t need to spread out in order to find water and nutrients.

8. Maintenance is practically non existent! Once set up there is nothing for you to do other than to pick the vegetables once they are ready! Weeding doesn’t exist when growing hydroponically and there’s no need to water them as it’s readily available.

9. Your yield is year round so you’ll never run out of fresh vegetables for your family.

10. You can grow your plants anywhere; in the garden, greenhouse, conservatory or bedroom.

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