How to Grow Hydroponic Strawberries

Growing your own hydroponic strawberries will carry many advantages for you over growing them in the soil in your garden!

You will have access to fresh homegrown strawberries every day of the year as growing fruit and vegetables hydroponically creates year-round yields! Four to six plants will be enough to feed a family all the strawberries they wish for. You could even plant a few more and maybe create a little sideline business for yourself.

As hydroponic strawberry plant roots will not need to spread out to find nutrients like soil planted strawberries do, growing time will be reduced by around 40% on average! Your strawberries will also be a lot bigger and many say tastier!

Another big benefit to growing hydroponic strawberries is that no pesticides are needed due there being no soil, this also means that no soil-borne diseases will be passed on. If you want to know how to grow hydroponic strawberries then read on.

Hydroponic System

You need to decide on a specific hydroponic system for your strawberries! You can read more about DIY Hydroponics and making a Hydroponic Indoor Garden which will give you a detailed break down of the different systems!


For your hydroponic nutrients, I suggest you use a commercially prepared nutrient solution with a pH level of between 5.5 and 6.5. If you’re used to hydroponics then you could mix your own solution. Either way, I recommend you drain and change the solution every 14 days.


For strawberries, I suggest you go for a high-intensity metal halide hydroponic light.


Maintaining your hydroponic strawberries is easy, just as with growing all hydroponic plants! Just make sure the solution is changed once every 2 weeks and pick off any runners or ready strawberries from the plants and you should have delicious strawberries every day of the year!

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