Hydrofarm EMSYST Emily’s Electric Garden System

Emily’s Electric Garden System Review

Hydrofarm EMSYST Emily's Electric Garden System

I was looking for a small hydroponic gardening system for my son, who’s just starting out in this hobby. I needed something small so that it was easily manageable and also something inexpensive. Since he’s only starting out, and he may quite easily give up on this like he did the guitar, I didn’t want to invest in anything too expensive just in case. If he likes his new hobby, then he can always upgrade later on.

I looked at a few small hydroponic systems, however my search finally brought me to the Hydrofarm EMSYST Emily’s Electric Garden System! It is small, just right for a beginner and best of all, great value for money!

What Is The Hydrofarm EMSYST Emily’s Electric Garden System?

Well the Hydrofarm EMSYST is the most basic and easy to use hydroponic grow system there is, that i know about! It’s not large, very small in fact so it’s best used to grow smaller vegetables, fruit and plants.

The Hydrofarm EMSYST includes everything that is needed to start growing plants straight away, grow light excluded!

It works via a passive wick system! The wicks from each planter drop down into the water reservoir and passively bring water and nutrients up into the grow medium. The grow medium you get with this system is geolite which is a clay like substrate. The geolite will retain the perfect amount of moisture for your plants. I recommend you change your nutrient solution every 2 weeks, checking the pH balance every other day with the pH test kit you get included.

The Hydrofarm EMSYST is small, you’ll easily be able to get two of them under an average sized grow light on your kitchen mantelpiece. Placing the Hydrofarm EMSYST by the window will be ideal for it though you may want to think about purchasing a small grow light if you fancy taking things to the next level in order to achieve even better results.

What’s Included In The Hydrofarm EMSYST Emily’s Electric Garden System?

  • Hydroponic garden system with 6 planters, seed starter cubes, Geolite growing medium
  • Large 2-gallon reservoir and pump irrigation system for easier watering
  • Six 6- by 6- by 7-inch planters with growing medium for optimal plant development
  • Geolite growing medium, rather than soil, for 5 times faster cultivation
  • Includes instructions, air pump, tubing, formed cover, pH test kit, water level indicator

What Others Are Saying?

– The Hydrofarm EMSYST is a terrific small kit for those wanting to grow plants indoors.

– Perfect size for herbs and vegetables.

– It is so nice to be harvesting in the northeast as others are just starting to plant.

– I have the following things growing in my Emily’s garden: strawberries, squash, zucchini, bell peppers, cucumber, and watermelon.

Any Complaints?

One person mentioned that it was a little noisy. They did keep it in their bedroom. Simple way of getting round this is to not keep it in your bedroom!

Where Can You Get It?

You can get the Hydrofarm EMSYST from the manufacturer website for $100. However you can get it much cheaper on Amazon!

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