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Welcome to Home Hydroponic Vegetables! Our aim is to educate and inform about the benefits and best ways of growing vegetables hydroponically in the home, either indoor or outdoor in a greenhouse. Additionally, you will learn about invaluable  Hydroponics Gardening Facts as well as Hydroponics Kits.

Hydroponic Gardening has been used as far back as in biblical times! I’m sure you’ve heard of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Well it was a form of hydroponic gardening which was used! Now, hydroponic gardening can be used anywhere and yields are high thanks to advancements in research and technology! You can literally grow anything; fruits, vegetables, herbs or flowers and yields are year long!

Home Hydroponics has become more popular in recent years due to increases in city dwellers with limited space or no garden, increased popularity of organic farming and because of a lack of farmland and adequate rain water in many countries hydroponic gardening is and will continue to become more of a necessity!

To put it simply hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions without the use of soil. This is possible because soil is not a necessary component for plants to survive. As long as you add the required mineral nutrients into the plants water supply the plants will thrive!

There is a little more to it; having the correct mineral solution, lighting for your plants, temperature control as well as having enough carbon dioxide in the air will all play its part in having a productive home hydroponics system. However once it’s set up, it can be left all year round producing for you an abundant supply of fresh fruit, vegetables or any other kind of plant you wish!

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