DIY Hydroponic Nutrients: How to Make Nutrient Solution for Hydroponic Gardening

So you have decided to try your hand at hydroponic gardening? Hydroponic gardening is a good choice, or so everyone tells you. It is cheaper and produces healthier, more nutritious foods. You have done your research and now you want to know if you have to buy your nutrient solution or if you can make your own. Well, the answer to this is yes, you can make your own solution of hydroponic nutrients. It might be cheaper to just purchase the ready-made solutions of hydroponic nutrients; however, you can make it.

The basic things that you will need to make a solution of hydroponic nutrients are as follows: sodium nitrate, calcium nitrate, potassium sulphate, super phosphate, and magnesium sulphate. Each of these is essential to proper plant growth using hydroponic gardening techniques. You will also need iron sulphate, zinc sulphate, boric acid powder, manganese sulphate, and copper sulphate.

These particular ingredients are important to proper plant health. Each ingredient for hydroponic nutrients plays its own role in hydroponic gardening. Nitrogen is essential for the building and growth of plant cells. Phosphorus helps with root growth and the development of fruits and flowers. Potassium and chlorine are used during the photosynthetic process. Sulfur is a catalyst for the phosphorus. Iron helps to make chlorophyll, the green color of your hydroponic plants. Calcium helps the roots to grow. If you do not know the proper amounts of each nutrient, then you should probably buy the ready-made solution of hydroponic nutrients from the store. The mixing of nutrients needs to be very precise and accurate. If not, the solution can be deadly to your plants.

Another thing that you need to remember when making your own solution of hydroponic nutrients is that the solution will need to be stored somewhere out of the reach of children and pets. This is simply because the solutions used for hydroponic gardening are deadly and dangerous. This is a very complicated science. If you are not a scientist, it is not advisable for a beginner to be trying to make a nutrient solution. There are plenty of different ones that are available in the markets. The nutrient solutions must be exactly precise in order to benefit the plants and not destroy them. Plants have a certain pH level that must be maintained. Usually, the natural minerals in soil are sufficient to monitor or maintain the pH level of the plants. However, because there is no soil being used in hydroponic gardening, you must constantly check the pH level of the nutrient solution so that the plants remain healthy. This is essential to your plants’ long healthy life and longevity.

Certain solutions will only help certain types of plants. Other solutions will only enhance certain functions such as root growth or fruit development. You should always know the difference between the different types of solutions or your hydroponic gardening experience will be fatal.  Yes, the store bought solutions may cause you to have to research and ask questions. In the long run, it will save you a lot of headaches.

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