Controlling Hydroponic Temperature And Humidity

Along with lighting and nutrition, one of the other factors that we’re able to control and manipulate to get the best results from our hydroponic plants is temperature and humidity. This article is going to discuss just how you can monitor and change the temperature and humidity levels of both your air and nutrient solution in your hydroponic garden or hydroponic grow tent.

Monitoring Hydroponic Temperature And Humidity

Temperatures fall at night and rise during the day. This is why constant monitoring is needed. You should monitor your air temperature on a regular basis.

Ideally you should keep the air temperature during the daytime at 70 – 80 degrees fahrenheit and the temperature at night between 55 – 60 degrees fahrenheit. Of course you should keep in mind that this ideal temperature may fluctuate depending on exactly what you’re growing and what stage of growth it’s in, but as a general rule this is pretty sound.

You should also maintain your nutrient solution at between 55 – 60 degrees fahrenheit for the best results. Of course in order to do this, you’ll need an accurate hydroponic thermometer which is perfect for checking your nutrient solution temperature.

Relative humidity climbs quite quickly when the temperature drops during the night. Conversely, the same amount of water (humidity) is still in the air when the temperature increases. Again, you should monitor your humidity levels very closely. You need to aim for a relative humidity level of 50% which will be ideal for most gardens.

In order to monitor the humidity levels most accurately you will need a hydroponic hygrometer! This model also monitors ambiance air temperature which needs to be kept at the levels stated above. It also keeps a record of the highest as well as lowest daily humidity level to make monitoring very easily.

Controlling Hydroponic Temperature And Humidity

You will require a thermostat on your vent fan so that the fan turns on when your temperature reaches the highest point you’re allowing. You can make this process easier buy having a hydroponic intake fan complete with a thermostat. By having two of these fans you can have them both operating in conjunction with each other, one as an exhaust fan and the other as an intake fan as that’s what they’re capable of doing. This is a completely hands off approach to controlling your temperature in your hydroponic grow rooms.

If you attach a humidistat to your vent fan as well then you’ll also be able to control humidity completely hands off. Aim for humidity levels of 70% when plants are in vegetative growth and 50% when flowering. When humidity rises above these levels then you’ll want your vent fan to kick in to extract your humid air and ideally your intake fan to bring in some fresh CO2 rich air at the same time.

This entire process is about as complicated as hydroponic gardening gets, which isn’t very difficult really. If you try and automate the process as i describe above then you’ll make everything easier.

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