Common Problems Encountered in Hydroponic Gardening

Growing your own hydroponic garden is fairly easy. However if you are a beginner in hydroponic gardening, you bound to encounter some problems. The first major problem you may be facing will be how to tell exactly how much of the nutrient solution is required for your hydroponic garden.

If you are using a store bought hydroponics system, there are usually explicit directions. But if you are building your own hydroponics system, this can be extremely difficult. Too much or too little nutrients will surely kill your plants. A lot of the time, homemade hydroponics system is not seeing through and thus there is no way to tell how much nutrient solution you are giving your hydroponic garden. The best solution for this is to get a visual indicator or water sensors.

Another major problem that most newbies would face is the frequency of adding nutrient solution to your hydroponic plants. Again, too much or too little will kill the plants. Do not go by the standards of regular household plants. If you are using your own hydroponics system, then it is likely that adding solution will be necessary every day. Because of the airflow that is needed for hydroponic gardening, the solution tends to evaporate more quickly. This increases the need to add more nutrient solution so that you do not deprive your plants of the nutrients that are essential for healthy growth.

The third most common problem in hydroponic gardening is aeration. Most people who use store bought hydroponics systems do not encounter this problem as much as those who made their own system. Many times when people use plastic tubes or containers that they cut holes in for their plants, the root systems of the plants expand so much that they clog the system. Without the proper amount of airflow, the roots will rot and eventually result in the death of the plants. The solution to this is fairly simple. You can either add a pump to your system which forces air through or vent the bottoms of your containers by placing them up on platforms and adding some sort of growing mediums like Rockwool or vermiculite.

Now, just because I have listed some of the most common problems encountered in hydroponic gardening, this does not mean to just give up. The benefits of hydroponic gardening far outweigh the problems that you may or may not encounter.

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