CO2 Essentials For Hydroponics

Have you ever heard it said that singing to your plants helps them grow? Well if this statement is true, it can only be because singing near your plants releases CO2 from your mouth, which of course we all know plants need in order to thrive!

In fact by spending a lot of time in your hydroponic tent or greenhouse will ensure that your plants will be exposed to lots of CO2 rich air. Being in hydroponics myself, controlling everything that all plants need to thrive, i know that giving my plants extra CO2 is one of the best things i can ever do for them!

We all know that plants take in CO2 from the atmosphere and give out O2 as a result.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a colorless and non-flammable gas which occurs naturally in the air at the rate of 0.035 – 0.04 percent. Rapidly growing plants can use up to 0.15 percent. When given more CO2, many plants grow faster and bigger. Conversely, the growth of plants slows dramatically when the CO2 level falls below 0.02 percent. Can you blame that though considering that CO2 is indeed food for plants!

So for your grow rooms or grow tents, here is a simple CO2 calculator to help you work out exactly how much CO2 you’ll need depending on your grow room or tent’s dimensions.

How To Generate Extra CO2 For Your Hydroponic Plants?

By giving extra CO2 to your plants you are really increasing the growth potential. So how can you do it?

1. Well one way is by doing as i suggested above, spend some time with your plants, maybe even sing a song to them!

2. Alternatively you can ensure your grow room is well ventilated! CO2 becomes depleted quite quickly, this is a good thing as your plants will grow quicker. I highly recommend the Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan which can act both as a vent or an exhaust fan to remove your CO2 depleted air and it can also act as an air intake fan to bring in new, fresh and CO2 rich air that your plants will love.

However the problem with this second approach is that the new air which the fan brings in will only be the atmosphere standard 0.035 – 0.04 percent CO2 air. The above mentioned fan is best used in your hydroponic garden to ensure the temperature is kept where you want it, but that is all explained in the article you’ll go to if you click on the link!

3. Finally you can purchase a CO2 regulator along with a good quality CO2 compressed gas cylinder! These two together will allow you to pump in CO2 to levels that your plants will thrive on. You’ll be able to keep constant control of CO2 levels by using these two in conjunction with an atmospheric controller. An atmospheric controller is essentially a thermostat for CO2.

One tip is to use a fan in the room to mix the CO2 with the air. CO2 is heavier than air and so it’s likely to drop to lower levels of your grow room. For this reason, place your CO2 regulator as high up as possible, with your fan low down blowing upwards. You should also ensure your room is fully ventilated prior to giving your room a burst of CO2.

You should find that once you’ve purchased your CO2 tank, you’ll be able to exchange it with a supplier or simply pay a much smaller amount for a refill. Remember also that aluminum tanks are far lighter than the steel tanks.

4. Now this next one I admit I haven’t tried yet, however it does look to be the real deal and a real hassle saver especially if you’re new to hydroponics or have never got around to using CO2 for your plants. This CO2 Boost Bucket will do all that the above regulator and gas cylinder will do but with less cost and a lot less messing around. It will also take up less room in your tent.

Now i haven’t tried this one yet, I’m very curious to give it a go and let you all know my opinion on it. If anybody can vouch for this product then I’d love to know your opinions on it.

Any questions or anything extra you’d like to add? Then please leave a comment!

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