Caring For Your Chickens – Maintenance and Equipment

There will be a certain amount of chicken house equipment you will need before building your new chicken coop. You will need a saw, hammer and a box of nails to cut your timber to the correct length according to your plans and then nail it in place. A pair of pliers and wire cutters to grip and shape your wire will also be necessary.

You will need timber, good quality if your budget allows, and tough durable wire to protect your new flock. At least make sure that the wood you use is water resistant so that your structure will last. It is a good idea to insulate your chicken coop so the chickens will be comfortable both in summer and winter. This will keep the chickens happy which in turn will keep your chickens happy and stress free and they will produce more high quality eggs.


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After building the chicken house you will need to keep some equipment on hand for maintenance, cleaning and general care of both coop and chickens. You will need to have enough chicken feed on hand. Wheat is a good diet but for optimal egg production you will need more protein and minerals.

There are different formula’s for baby chickens and laying hens and do not forget the food scraps as a treat. It will depend on your budget, however you can buy locally milled chicken feed with the general ingredients listed on the label. There are cheaper alternatives but try to get one with added protein.

Keeping your chickens happy and healthy is very important. Having the right balance is vital to the health of the flock which will give you much better tasting eggs as well as stronger chickens! Give your chickens variety. Giving them variety promotes a stress free environment and healthy living. Besides food, fresh water which is extremely important also you will need some basic equipment for your chicken house.

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There are a few supplies you will need for keeping the coop clean and caring for your chickens. Having a shovel, broom and a rack built which you can use solely for the cleaning and maintenance of the chicken house. After you have finished cleaning your chicken coop make sure to give your equipment a good clean as well. Remember keeping your coop clean will keep your chickens healthy and prevent disease.


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