Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is proven better than soil gardening. Generally hydroponic plants will have higher growth rate as compared to soil plant. Under the same condition, hydroponic plants can grow at the rate of 30 – 50 percent faster than soil plants. This is because of the extra supply of oxygen in hydroponic growing medium helps to speed up the uptake of nutrients and quicken the root growth.

In hydroponic gardening, minerals and nutrients are constantly supplied to the plants. As nutrient solution is delivered directly to the root system several times a day, hydroponic plants basically do not have to search for nutrients as opposed to soil plants. The plant uses much of its energy to concentrate on growing faster and producing more flowers and fruits. As the result, yield of the plant is always greater.

Constant reuse of the nutrient solutions in hydroponic gardening means lesser water is used as opposed to soil gardening. Hydroponic gardening will also have lesser problems with insect infestations, viruses and diseases. Therefore the use of pesticides is equally reduced. This is one of the benefits to our environment.

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