Aeroponics Systems

Of all the many different hydroponic systems it is probably the aeroponics system that will produce the best and fastest results with the vast majority of plants. This is because the nutrient solution is administered directly to the roots in a form they can more easily absorb. Not only that but the nutrient solution is more oxygenated with aeroponics systems. To find out how the system works, then read on.

How The Aeroponics System Works?

1. You’ll first need to grow your seedlings in grow blocks or use cuttings, just enough so you have some decent roots showing.

2. In aeroponics systems, you place your plants in special grow nets or pots. No grow medium is used in the containers. Make sure the roots come through the bottom of the pots and are fully exposed at the bottom.

3. The pots are then placed in the dark grow chamber of the aeroponics system. The function of the aeroponic system is to spray your hydroponic nutrient solution in the form of a mist straight to the roots at regular intervals. This mist is heavily oxygenated which give the roots the best of both worlds; oxygen and nutrients in an easily absorbed fashion. This really is a perfect environment for the roots to absorb everything and thrive incredibly well. It must feel like a rainforest inside the grow chamber!

Things to look out for with aeroponics systems!

This is a delicate operation so there’s a few things you need to keep a good eye on.

1. Check your spray nozzles on a regular basis. If they become clogged with debris and this effects the spray then the roots will dry out and harm the plants.

2. Keep an eye on the pump which operates the spray. If this malfunctions or stops working then the roots will dry out.

3. Check the pH balance of your nutrient solution at least every other day with a high quality hydroponic pH tester. Keep the solution to within the desired range of whatever it is you’re growing.

Recommended Aeroponics Systems

Have a think about what it is you’re growing. Making your very own aeroponic system could be fun and a great challenge. Doing this will require a few parts that you can buy separately and you’ll be able to fully modify the aeroponic system to your desired size and specifications.

However if you’re just starting out, or would like to get an all-in-one system, some of which are incredible and efficient, then I’ve already carried out a review of what i think is the best ready made aeroponics system. The Aerogarden Pro 100 comes with everything you need to start right out of the box. It is a great thing for beginners or for hobby gardeners however for those who’re wanting to take it further it probably is on the small side.

Update: I’ve just reviewed the Aerogarden Extra Elite which is far superior to the Aerogarden Pro 100! It’s more expensive but infinitely better.

Other Things To Consider With Aeroponics Systems

If you’re creating your own DIY aeroponic system, then don’t forget your hydroponic grow lights. You’ll need a set that will fit over your plants nice and snugly. You can also house your entire aeroponics system within a hydroponic grow tent! They are worth their weight in gold, keeping the light reflected on and concentrated on the leaves and keeping the heat inside.

All this in combination with aeroponics can potentially produce the fastest and most impressive results with plants that is possible.

Why don’t you share your aeroponic tips below in the comments section. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask!

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