AeroGarden 2500-01S Pro 100 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit Review

I do lots of home hydroponics and i thought it was time to give aeroponics a go! Setting an aeroponic system up from scratch is supposed to be fiddly using tents, lights and not to mention stands. So i wanted a complete all in one system that would be easy to set up, use and maintain.

Aerogarden Pro 100

After carrying out lots of research into various aeroponic systems, my search finally brought me to the AeroGarden 2500-01S Pro 100 with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit!

What Is The Aerogarden Pro 100 And How Does It Work?

The Aerogarden Pro 100 is an all in one aeroponic grow system that has everything you need to start right out of the box.

It comes with it’s own box of herb seeds (you’ll need to order more when you run out) which fit into the 7 holes in the stainless steel plate.  There are endless amounts of things you can grow with the Aerogarden Pro 100, however it’s best to grow the same plant or herb at any one time unless the grow conditions are identical to what you’re growing. I’ve been growing cherry tomatoes in my one.

So all you need to do is place your 7 seed tubs from the seed box into the holes of the plate and slot it into the system base. The base has a separate lid where the water goes. It has a pump to circulate the water. You put your plant nutrients into the water as and when required, ie when the system tells you to! This is the majority of the work with the system, other than trimming matured crops, so it is very easy.

Basically, there’s a dial that you set depending on what you’re growing. The Aerogarden 2500-01S Pro 100 system calls this “adaptive growth intelligence” and once it’s set, the system will automatically alter the light brightness and proximity to the plants as well as pump water circulation so there’s very little you need to do. This is specific to whatever you’re growing, which is very important to remember.

The warmth from the light is all the seedlings need to germinate incredibly quickly and once the leaves start to sprout, it’s the light itself that increases the rate of growth to outstrip the speed of soil and nature by about 3:1. I’ve also been getting my cherry tomatoes to grow larger, with a deeper and richer color.

I keep my Aerogarden pro 100 in the conservatory. The pump occasionally makes noise! This is mostly due to the plant roots getting in the way of where the water shoots out from, simply clear the area of roots and this problem is sorted in less than a minute.

The light is very bright too! This is essential for the plants but could be a pain for you depending on what room you keep the system in! My advice is not to keep your Aerogarden in your bedroom, i’ve read that many people do this and then complain about the light.

Where Can You Buy The Aerogarden Pro 100?

I searched around online for the cheapest place to buy my AeroGarden Pro 100 and the cheapest place to buy it is by far Amazon!

Update: You can now also see the Aerogarden Extra Elite which is even better than the Aerogarden Pro 100!

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