Achieving Maximum Hydroponic Growing Conditions

Being able to easily give all hydroponic fruits and vegetables their ideal growing conditions is what hydroponics is all about. Some countries can not grow certain things due to the climate not being right, or the humidity is all wrong or the ground is too bad.

In hydroponics we control all growing conditions which is why we’re able to grow things that we wouldn’t ordinarily be able to grow. This is also why we’re able to grow things all year round and produce far better results than normal farmers can. Because we control all growing conditions, we can produce better quality and more quantity of anything we desire providing we have the correct hydroponic set up!

In order to achieve the best possible hydroponic growing conditions, you need to make sure your plants have their basic needs met sufficiently. Here are plants five basic needs:

1. Air

You need to make sure the air quality is just right for your plants. Air quality comprises of temperature, humidity as well as CO2 and O2 content.

2. Light

Having the right light for your plants includes; spectrum which is the color of the light, light intensity and also photoperiod which is the hours of light per day.

3. Water

Water is very important with hydroponics and this includes; water temperature, pH of the water, EC which is electrical conductivity and also oxygen content.

4. Nutrients

Of course all plants need nutrients and the composition as well as purity of the nutrients are very important.

5. Growing Medium

To have the best growing medium, air needs to be able to circulate to the roots and the medium must also be able to soak up moisture.

Each one of these 5 basic needs of plants accounts for 20% of a plants ability to grow to its maximum potential. When each of these needs are given to a plant at its maximum potential then the result is maximum growth. If one of the needs is only supplied at say 15% then all growth is impaired equally (15% x 5 = 75%). If more than one of a plants needs for growth are not met then growth slows down very quickly.

Even if you spend lots of money on a state of the art hydroponics system in a garden where air humidity is 80 percent when it should be 50 percent, growth will be impaired. For this reason, you really need to keep a good eye on all the basic needs of whatever you’re growing. For this you’ll need a few pieces of equipment which we’ll discuss in other articles.

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