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7 Tricks to Make Broilers Grow Really Fast

Broir chickens are genetically developed and bred for meat production. They are known for fast growth and convert feed quickly into flesh or meat. In 6 weeks, a well-managed, healthy and properly fed broiler chicken is matured and ready for the slaughterhouse with an average live weight of 2.3 kg. Some new broiler keepers or farmers have little or no idea of what must be done to achieve this result of making their birds grow really fast and gain impressive body weight.

If you rear broiler chickens and want to know the secret behind making broilers grow fast and bigger, or how to reduce the time taken for your birds to reach market weight. This is the right article for you. In this post, we will be discussing seven (7) tips for boosting or increasing the growth of broilers. These tips are also applicable to cockerels, turkeys and other poultry birds.

1. Procure highly performing broiler chicks

The type or quality of chicks you buy has a big impact on their growth rate. This means that if you want your broiler chickens to grow faster and reach market weight earlier, then avoid poor-quality chicks from less reputable breeders or hatcheries.

There is nothing more disappointing than buying poor-performing chicks from hatcheries that claim to sell high-quality stock. A good hatchery should guarantee a minimum 80% survival rate and have a policy of replacing dead chicks.

2. Give them the best start in life

Chickens need to be kept warm and dry, with access to clean water and food, to thrive. Good housing, brooding and sanitation practices are essential for ensuring that your chicks get off to the best possible start in life.

3. Provide them with the right quality feed

A key factor in accelerating the growth of broiler chickens is providing them with a nutritious diet that meets their energy needs. This means feeding them a diet that is high in protein and energy and supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they should have access to feed clean water at all times to enable them to grow faster and big.

4. Use effective vaccines and drugs

Vaccinating your broilers against common diseases such as Newcastle disease, Infectious Bronchitis, and Avian Influenza can help to keep them healthy and prevent outbreaks of disease that can stunt growth or even kill them outright.  Using antibiotics responsibly can also help to keep your broiler chickens healthy by preventing and treating bacterial infections.

Monitoring your broilers closely for signs of disease is important to catch any problems early and take action to treat them promptly. Some common signs of diseases include lethargy, reduced appetite, sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and diarrhea.

5. Keep them free from parasites

Internal and external parasites can cause a variety of health problems in broilers which can also lead to reduced growth rates. Therefore, it is important to regularly check your chickens for parasites and treat them if necessary.

6. Provide them with adequate housing and space

Broilers need a clean and spacious environment to stay healthy and grow to their full potential. Their housing should be well-ventilated, dry, and free from drafts. Overcrowding is not good for broilers. Hence, you should provide at least 1 square foot (1 sqft) of space per chicken.

A clean and tidy environment is crucial for the health of your broilers. The house or pen should be cleaned regularly to remove any build-up of manure that can attract pests and diseases.

7. Use safe organic broiler growth boosters

There are many broiler growth boosters available in the market that can help increase the growth rate of your chickens. However, not all of them are safe to use. Hence, it is important to research and choose a product that is organic and safe for both your chickens and humans.


There is no special magic to raising big and weighty broilers or birds. You basically need to:

  • Procure highly performing broiler chicks
  • Give them the best start in life
  • Provide them with the right quality feed
  • Use effective vaccines and drugs
  • Keep them free from parasites
  • Provide them with adequate housing and space
  • Use safe organic broiler growth boosters

If you follow and utilize the above tips, your birds would give you the most desired results.

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25 thoughts on “7 Tricks to Make Broilers Grow Really Fast”

  1. Adisa Toyeeb Bamidele

    Please what are the recommended drugs or medications for chicks from a day old to adult.

    Secondly, how many kg (starter) can feed 100 broiler for 4weeks?

  2. Ultimate prince

    My broilers clock a week today….. Although they’re starter…. So what can I do to make them grow as fast as possible…….

  3. Phillipus Mokale

    I want to my own business. Chicken Pountry.. But I don’t know how to start. I have no idea about chicken grower. I don’t know what kind of chicken must I start with. Help me

    1. Nkwonta Christian

      Because you are a starter i advice you start with cockerel because they are less susceptible to disease.
      Though takes longer time mature

  4. Good afternoon, please I just came across this article. My broilers are stooling (greenish n slimy in nature) they are also getting weak n no longer feeding well so confused don’t know what else to do. Be given aprococo n Vitamix, and other antibiotics prescribed.

  5. I need a very high feed formulas for the growth and weight of my chicken and I also need your number for contact for other inquiries thanks

  6. Hi,
    Trust you are doing well, nice work you are doing with farmers here,my broilers are 8weeks now ,from starter I was buying 7 bags every week plus medication, finisher I’m buying 1 1/2 bag .But still they’re not growing ,so I couldn’t sell them .what could be wrong .

  7. Sir I av four cockerel they are eating very well , no sickness but they are of different weight and they seems not to have weight despite the food consumption , so what can I do or give them to correct this ?

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